Author: Tracy Siska


Our Take on Adam Toledo Shooting

The Adam Toledo shooting while a massive tragedy was not out of line with Chicago Police Department guidelines and so the firing of Eric Stillman


How a New CPD Supt Gets Picked

On today’s show we discuss the new process for how a new superintendent (supt) for the Chicago Police Department gets selected. With the creation of


Arne Duncan Makes Ridiculous Endorsement

On today’s pod we discuss the alleged reasoning behind Chicago CRED’s founder & leader Arne Duncan’s endorsement of Paul Vallas for mayor. Later we also


Tribune on Mayor Race

The coverage of the runoff in the race for mayor and the intense focus on crime and criminal justice matters exposes bias in the Chicago


Retrospective on David Brown

This week we take the first of what will be many looks at soon to be former Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown and his


Mayor Lightfoot Loss

Mayor Lightfoot just lost re-election and now stands as the first mayor in forty years to fail to lose re-election after their first term in

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