FOIA: CPD Do Not Call Officers

On July 17th the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office released their Do Not Call List made up of many CPD officers who for various reasons the office will not longer call as witnesses. While the existence of the list is an important step forward in accountability for CPD officers the list itself if very limited because it doesn’t provide any further information about the officers.

In a recent episode of our YouTube series Good & Bad Justice Journalism we detail the massive shortcomings in the media’s reporting on the release of this list. It is embedded below.

As we state in the video we do not trust the Chicago media to provide the public with the details on even the very basic facts of the CPD officers that made the list. Thus, we have filed the FOIAs detailed below to get the information the public needs.

FOIA Content

Date:   July 22, 2023

To:     Chicago Police Department

Re:     FOIA Request: Employment Status

In accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act., 5 ILCS 140, I request that your office provide the following public records:


Please provide records sufficient to show the following information for all the current and former sworn officers of the Chicago Police Department who are listed on the Do Not Call List recently released by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (CCSAO) on July 17th. We have provided a list of the individuals on the list that at some point worked as a sworn officer of your department in Appendix A.

  1. Start date of employment
  2. End date of employment
  3. Reason for leaving the department
  4. Rank at the time of departure
  5. Assignment at time of departure
  6. All complaint registry numbers associated with each individual


  1. Records sufficient to show Your efforts to locate and produce the records requested in FOIA A above. This should include:
  2. Where you searched for responsive Records and Documents.
  3. Who searched for responsive Records and Documents.
  4. Who was requested to produce responsive Records and Documents.
  5. The identify of any Records and Documents that were located but not produced for any reason.


“Document” and/or “Documents” means any documents or electronically stored information of any kind—including writings, drawings, graphs, charts, photographs, sound recordings, images, and other data or data compilations—stored in any medium from which information can be obtained either directly or, if necessary, after translation by the responding party into a reasonably usable form.

“You” or “Your” means the {Public Body}, and all attorneys, employees, officers, directors, bureaus, offices, divisions or subdivisions of same.


If the agency withholds any document or information pertinent to the requests made herein, please identify the document or information in as much detail as is possible, and detail in specific language why each document or piece of information is being withheld.

If any information requested herein is withheld on the basis of a claim of privilege or other protection as material prepared in anticipation of litigation or trial, then that claim shall be made expressly in a writing that describes the nature of the Documents, Communications, or Things not produced or disclosed in a manner that will enable us to assess the applicability of the privilege or protection. With regard to each claim of privilege or protection, the following information should be provided in the response or the objection:

(a) the type of Document, e.g., letter or memorandum;

(b) general subject matter of the Document;

(c) the date of the Document;

(d) such other information as is sufficient to identify the Document for a subpoena duces tecum, including, where appropriate, the author, addressee, and any other recipient of the Document, and, where not apparent, the relationship of the author, addressee, and any other recipient to each other; and

(e) the nature of the privilege or protection;

(f) if applicable, the litigation or trial of which the document was created in anticipation.

If any Document identified herein has been lost, discarded, or destroyed, each such Document should be identified as completely as possible, including as to each such Document, its date, general nature (e.g., letter, memorandum, telegram, telex, photograph, computer printout), subject matter, each author or originator, each person indicated as an addressee or copy recipient, and its former custodian(s). In addition, as to each such Document, the following information shall be supplied:

(a) date of disposal, loss, or destruction;

(b) manner of disposal, loss, or destruction;

(c) reason for disposal or destruction, or any explanation of loss;

(d) persons authorizing the disposal or destruction;

(e) persons having knowledge of the disposal, destruction, or loss; and

(f) persons who destroyed, lost, or disposed or the Document or Thing.

I look forward to hearing from you in writing within five working days, as required by the Act 5 ILCS 140(3).  Please direct all questions or responses to this FOIA request to this email address by responding to this email. I can be reached at 

Appendix A

Last NameFrist NameStar Number
 Adreani John 6621 
Akins Daryl 17487 
Andrews Antrinius 11584 
Ardelean John 14915 
Bakker Robert  
Bergeson Michael 6734 
Bolanos Adolfo 16767 
Bolling Richard 16517 
Bolton Brian 15903 
Bondi Robert 2498 
Boone Elvin 1964 
Bove Christopher 8230 
Bradley Valena 17810 
Brown Aldo 13838 
Brown Victor 6098 
Bryant Dana 12628 
Bunge Kevin  
Burg Jason 12143 
Calhoun Carlyle  
Calize La Casa Susana 8686 
Capouch Henry 4523 
Chwiesiuk Karol 7156 
Clavijo Paul 11392 
Coleman Ronald 5922 
Collins Brian 16773 
Collins Rupert 4430 
Contreras Luis 13529 
Cozzi William 4129 
Dailey Sean 10890 
Deleon David 17293 
Durkin Michael 10663 
Edwards Darryl 16280 
Eldridge James 2081 
Elizondo Xavier 1340 
Elkins Eric  
Elmesquine Amine 17593 
English Mitchell 7647 
Fair Daniel 9778 
Fiorito Richard 11624 
Franklin James 15170 
Franko Stephen 1537 
Fry Kevin 15329 
Gilmore Patrick 1685 
Gonzalez Robert 12152 
Gonzalez Enrique 19071 
Gonzalez James  
Guebara Victor 17147 
Guevara Reynaldo  
Heard Ronald 9622 
Hernandez Marcos 7919 
Hillas Christopher 16384 
Howard Edward 2337 
Hunt James 11442 
Jarocki Marc 2778 
Jones Alvin 815/19462 
Kahn Brett 17785 
Kelly Michael 6950 
Kelly Patrick 19397 
Kriv Jeffrey 19265 
Kropp III Edward 15874 
Lara Edwing  
Leano Manuel  
Lewis Lamonica 11145 
Lewis Donnie 4303 
Liakopoulos Christopher  
Lobianco Robert 16172 
Maltbia Corey 16764 
Marquez Rigoberto 7516 
McGrone Marcus 9094 
Mohammed Kallatt 11649 
Mondragon Janet 7358 
Monroe Shawn  
Morgan Vince 14122 
Morrow Jeffrey 5198 
Mostowski Richard 17957 
Mowry Erin 12898 
Neely Winford 12708 
Nichols Douglas 15773 
Page Deavalin 1210 
Pallohusky John 15283 
Pruente William 2612 
Reynoso Ruben  
Ridgell Calvin 16114 
Riley Matthew 6997 
Rodriguez Erika 11197 
Rodriguez Harold 11057 
Roy Tan 20492 
Ruiz Giselle 17679 
Salgado David 18537 
Sanchez Jose 16347 
Schaaf Jeffrey 516 
Sebastian Daphne 5476 
Shafer Jeffrey 2763 
Siler Chavez  
Simonetti Marcos  
Smith, Jr. Elsworth 19086 
Spencer Qwon 14568 
St. Clair Michael 11737 
Summers Gerome 15527 
Swistowicz Craig 19687 
Sylvestre Valerie  
Takaki Michael 8239 
Taylor Kevin 18617 
Treacy Joseph 17121 
Truesdale Samuel 17619 
Turner Vernal 20816 
Tyler Pierre 14916 
Ugarte Armando 10228 
Van Dyke Jason 15050 
Vasquez Juan 9465 
Velez Jose 15054 
Villanueva Arturo 19367 
Vincent Anthony 14209 
Viramontes Ricardo 15162 
Vitellaro Michael  
Watts Ronald 10590 
Welch John 2640 
Whelehan William 7551 
Williams Wendy 7949 
Wodnicki James 19091 
Young Kenneth 15289 
Zoller Francis 17931 
Zulfic Alen 8649 

Tracy has nearly two decades of experience researching and working within criminal justice systems. When Tracy began pursuing a career dedicate to system reform, he found that no single organization existed to promote evidence-based discussions among law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Recognizing that citizens in Chicago deserved the right to demand transparency in their criminal justice system, Siska established the Chicago Justice Project. He received his Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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