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What is the Nation working on currently? Well, here is a short list of ongoing projects:
CAHOOTS – This group is researching the crisis response alternative created in Eugene, OR and active in several cities around the county. This research will serve as the basis of a policy proposal CJP will be releasing calling for a CAHOOTS like response be brought to Chicago.
Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission – This group is studying the MHRC and other homicide review commissions around the country. This research will serve as the basis for a policy proposal to bring homicide review commission(s) to Chicago.
Cops in Schools -This group is studying the history police in schools in Chicago and around the county. They are also researching what changes have been made in these policies post both the events in Ferguson, MO and the murder of George Floyd. This research may serve as the basis of a policy proposal on this topic in Chicago.
Sponsorship Group -This group is working on soliciting sponsorships for our social media show titled the Chicago Justice Show. They are seeking sponsorships from law firms, legal services companies, and individuals. 
Social Media Coordinators – With this project individuals are taking ownership of a social media platform and helping CJP expand our voice on that platform to support our mission and market our social media show. Coordinators will oversee work of other Nation members who volunteer to help on their platform.
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Chicago Justice Podcast

This is our Chicago Justice Podcast that covers crime, violence, and justice issues in Chicago. We will feature deep dives in to justice system data, interview with researchers and justice system reform advocates, as well as evaluations of justice system practices.