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Committee on Public Safety: 20-year Analysis

A 20-year analysis of agenda items from Chicago's Committee on Public Safety reveals a lack of oversight and regulation of police.

Kareem Butler - Truth About Electronic Monitoring

On today’s show we attempt to bring facts and science to the discuss around the Pre-Trail Fairness Act (PTFA) and the state of electronic monitoring (EM) in the Cook County criminal justice system. We were honored to sit down with Kareem Butler, a pretrial justice fellow at the Chicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts, to […]

Raina Lipsitz on Toxic Cycle of Justice Reform

On the show today we sit down with Raina Lipsitz to discuss America’s problem with justice reform and how cities like Chicago are caught in endless cycle of failure when it comes to passing meaningful justice reform. A meaningful conversation to engage in now as Mayor Lightfoot’s time in office has ended with a pretty […]

Police Settlement Transparency and Accountability (PSTA) Ordinance

The PSTA (Police Settlement Transparency and Accountability) Ordinance will lift the veil of secrecy from police misconduct litigation in Chicago. With the PSTA, we have a chance to bring transparency, democratic oversight, and justice to the city’s police accountability system. If we pass this reform, Chicago will set the standard for police accountability for cities […]

Our Take on Adam Toledo Shooting

The Adam Toledo shooting while a massive tragedy was not out of line with Chicago Police Department guidelines and so the firing of Eric Stillman smells like politics. Despite how the video of this shooting has been exploiting repeatedly for political purposes the reality is that tragic police shootings can occur and those shootings can […]

Kim Foxx is Not Running for Re-Election

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has announced that after two terms in office she will not be running for re-election in the fall of 2024. On today’s show we will provide our quick response to Foxx deciding to end her political career and provide some insight on what brought us to this point. It […]

Chicago Justice Podcast

This is our Chicago Justice Podcast that covers crime, violence, and justice issues in Chicago. We will feature deep dives in to justice system data, interview with researchers and justice system reform advocates, as well as evaluations of justice system practices.