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Committee on Public Safety: 20-year Analysis

A 20-year analysis of agenda items from Chicago's Committee on Public Safety reveals a lack of oversight and regulation of police.

Chicago's Anti-Violence Efforts Overblown

On today’s pod we take a look at recent reporting by the Better Government Association that focuses on the city’s Anti-violence efforts and the inability of leadership to detail specific steps they have taken to reduce gun violence. This inability to detail their anti-violence efforts hasn’t stopped leadership from claiming those mysterious efforts have had […]

Did Youth Drive Crime Increase in 2020?

As crime & violence increased in many cities in America as the pandemic took hold in 2020 the media coalesced around a narrative that the increase was driven mostly by an increase in youth offending. This narrative about youth offending seemed to fit the circumstances as the pandemic got worse schools shut down and there […]

Discussion with Inspector General Witzburg

Today we feature a discussion with newly appointed Chicago Inspector General Deborah Witzburg. Witzburg previously held a variety of positions within the office including most recently being the Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety. It is in this role she was able to drive the activities of the office and have the office start actually […]

Campaign to Close IL Juvenile Youth Centers

Today we focus on the work of the Final 5 Campaign as they push to force the closure of Illinois’ juvenile youth centers. According to the Campaign’s website 10 years ago the centers across the state used to house as many as 1,200 youths in their 10 facilities. The reductions in the number of youths […]

FOIA: Gang Affiliation Data from DC Metropolitan Police Department

This request submitted to the Metropolitan Police Department on Sept 22, 2021 is part of CJP’s much larger effort to track gang affiliation data collection and distribution in the District of Columbia, throughout the state of Maryland, and on the federal level. It is vitally important to shed light on the justice system’s practices around […]

Chicago Justice Podcast

This is our Chicago Justice Podcast that covers crime, violence, and justice issues in Chicago. We will feature deep dives in to justice system data, interview with researchers and justice system reform advocates, as well as evaluations of justice system practices.