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Committee on Public Safety: 20-year Analysis

A 20-year analysis of agenda items from Chicago's Committee on Public Safety reveals a lack of oversight and regulation of police.

ACLU on CPD Traffic Stop Lawsuit

On today’s episode, we feature an interview with Alexandra Block from the ACLU of Illinois about their lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department’s highly questionable traffic stop practices. The ACLU alleges that the CPD pulls people over exclusively to search them and their care for drugs and guns. According to their statistics, the CPD’s rate […]

IDOC Forces CJP to Sue

The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) has refused to produce the public records and data that has been requested by CJP. In failing to provide the requested records and data, IDOC is in violation of its obligation as required by the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which requires affairs of the government in its […]

FOIA: CPD Do Not Call Officers

On July 17th the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office released their Do Not Call List made up of many CPD officers who for various reasons the office will not longer call as witnesses. While the existence of the list is an important step forward in accountability for CPD officers the list itself if very limited […]

Mismanagement & Abuse at JTDC

Today’s episode discusses the long history of abuse and mismanagement at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) with Injustice Watch reporters Kelly Garcia and Carlos Ballesteros. The JTDC has long been a dumping ground for clouted workers in Cook County government who were too incompetent for any other job in the county. This, […]

CPD Doesn't Take Lying Seriously

Despite promises to the contrary by the Chicago Police Department and the agencies that make up the police accountability system in Chicago, lying while undertaking your official duties as an officer isn’t taken all that seriously. The CPD’s rule 14 bars any officer from knowingly submitting a written or oral false report. In other words, […]

Chicago Justice Podcast

This is our Chicago Justice Podcast that covers crime, violence, and justice issues in Chicago. We will feature deep dives in to justice system data, interview with researchers and justice system reform advocates, as well as evaluations of justice system practices.