Cop Fired

Issue Brief: IPRA Review – More Access Needed

Analysis of IPRA’s first four years of operations uncovers that their rate of sustaining citizen complaints against CPD officers is identical to its predecessor and also hundreds of taser investigations they are required to conduct by city ordinance are not being completed. We urge the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) to move towards releasing case-level[…]

Issue Brief: Update to Chicago Police Board 10-Year Analysis

Updated analysis of Police Board decisions with additional analysis of both agenda items from the Committee on Police and Fire from 2006-2009 and litigation payouts related to police related litigation from four largest cities in America. As a follow-up to our 2009 study titled “Chicago Police Board: A Ten-Year Analysis,” CJP has analyzed Board decisions from[…]

Issue Brief: General Assembly Attempts Rollbacks of Public Access Law

Illinois’ General Assembly quickly and quietly introduces and passes legislation to bar the public access to their government. Issue Brief published March 2010. Full version of the issue brief available here Statement from the Executive Director: State legislatures play a crucial role in determining the public’s ability to access records and data produced by their[…]