Analyzing Local Media Coverage of Gun Violence in Chicago Over the Weekend

On Monday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that 12 people were killed and 42 were injured in shootings across Chicago over the weekend. The headline of the article read “Deadliest weekend of the year in Chicago: 12 killed, 42 wounded in shootings.” CBS Local published a similar article on Monday with the headline “At Least 12 killed, 43 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago.” Fox Chicago also published an article on Monday summarizing the events of the weekend with the headline “12 shot dead, 42 wounded in Chicago’s deadliest weekend of the year.” As usual, this article was sourced from the Sun-Times Media Wire. All three outlets defined the weekend as beginning on Friday at 5 pm and ending on Monday at 5 am.

Several other outlets also published stories summarizing events from the deadly weekend. The Chicago Tribune published stories on Saturday morning and Sunday morning summarizing events of gun violence of the previous day. NBC Local published a story on Sunday evening that summarized the gun violence over the course of the weekend. The article was sourced from the Sun-Times Media Wire. WGN TV also published two stories summarizing events of the weekend. The first story, published on Sunday morning, summarized overnight shootings from Saturday night. The second story summarized gun violence from the entire weekend. ABC Local was the only outlet that did not publish any kind of summary of deadly gun violence from this weekend.

ABC Local had the least coverage of gun violence this weekend with only four articles published on the topic. In contrast, the Chicago Sun-Times published 15 articles on the topic.

Delia Corridon is a student at Northwestern University studying journalism and data science. Corridon is interested in data journalism and reporting in politics, business, and civic issues.

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