Analyzing Media Coverage of Chicago Gun Violence Over the Weekend

On Monday, CBS Local reported that at least 25 people were injured and three people were killed by gun violence over the weekend in Chicago. As in past weekends, CBS Local, the Chicago Sun-Times and Fox Chicago kept track of shootings in Chicago over the weekend and published a final tally of incidents on Monday. All three outlets defined the weekend as beginning at 5pm on Friday and ending at 5am on Monday. It is important to note that Fox Chicago continues to source nearly all of their articles covering gun violence from the Sun-Times Media Wire. The Sun-Times and Fox Chicago had the most in-depth coverage of gun violence over this past weekend, as each outlet published 12 articles over the course of the weekend. The Chicago Tribune, ABC Local, and NBC Local tied for the fewest number of articles published, as each source only published two articles on gun violence over the weekend.

Last weekend, the Tribune published three articles summarizing gun violence over the weekend in Chicago. This weekend, the Tribune published one article on Saturday morning summarizing gun violence in Chicago overnight. Unlike past weekends, NBC Local also published a story that summarized the events of weekend gun violence in Chicago on Sunday morning.

This chart exhibits the distribution of news articles published by each outlet over the course of the weekend.

Furthermore, events of last week led some news outlets to publish articles discussing larger trends of gun violence in Chicago. For example, the Sun-Times published an article titled “Another child struck by bullet in back seat of a car. When will it end?” This article was in response to the tragic shooting of a toddler on Lake Shore Drive last Tuesday. The Sun-Times published another story titled “Road rage, guns turn Chicago’s streets into shooting galleries,” which discussed the same incident. The disturbing and tragic shooting critically injured the toddler. Five out of the seven news outlets considered continued to cover the story into the weekend. These outlets published stories with updates on the child’s condition.

Delia Corridon is a student at Northwestern University studying journalism and data science. Corridon is interested in data journalism and reporting in politics, business, and civic issues.

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