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Through targeted advocacy campaigns and strategic litigation we seek to open justice system data from the Chicago justice system to drive innovation, the adoption of best practices through policy change, and implementation of evidence based decision making.
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Justice system data that we have opened through our advocacy, public policy, and litigation work.

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Putting data to work to drive best practice and inform evidence based decision making.

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Policy Change

Authoring one of a kind national best practice policy on responding to police civil settlements and court judgments.

The problem and our solution

A justice system that is transparent and evidence-based leads to better outcomes for all. We're striving to force transparency in the City of Chicago and Cook County in order to create safer and better-informed communities.
We empower Chicagoans to create safer communities through government transparency.

The Problem: The Chicago & Cook County justice system is the 2nd largest in the United States spanning across both city and county government with budgets totaling in the billions of dollars each year. The lives of tens of thousands of city and county residents come in to contact with the system every year. Despite the vital position this system holds in our lives the ability of stakeholders, policymakers, and communities to understand and validate the practices of our justice agencies is limited by restrictive policies on the access to the data the agencies create every day.

Our Solution: The Chicago Justice Project focuses exclusively on opening big data from across the Chicago & Cook County justice system using our systemic approach to transparency. We believe that data connected across agency and political boundaries will greatly increase what we can learn about how our justice system operates and in turn heighten our ability to use the data to educate and empower stakeholders, communities, and policymakers to engage the justice system. We believe a justice system that is dedicated to implementing best practices from around the country and evidence based decision making will serve their communities the best.

Justice Transparency in Chicago

Using Data to Empower Communities

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