Questionable Plea Deal Requires Transparency

In Mid December the news broke that the City of Chicago had cut a questionable plea deal of sorts with Sgt. Khalil Muhammad. Muhammad was scheduled to go in front of the Chicago Police Board before his plea deal was cut. There has been almost no information that has been made public to explain why Read more about Questionable Plea Deal Requires Transparency[…]

Mayor's Office

Mayor’s Office FOIA

Here is the recent FOIA we submitted to City of Chicago Mayor’s Office seeking records related Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Sept. 22, 2016 announcement of his decision to hire 1,000 additional officers to the Chicago Police Department. In our ongoing litigation with the Chicago Police Department is appears more and more likely that the impetus for Read more about Mayor’s Office FOIA[…]


FOP Watch: Examining FOP Executives’ response to Consent Decree

Writing the first letter within their June report, president Kevin Graham focused on the ongoing contract negotiations between the city and the FOP as well as the consent decree. While like several other issued statements, Graham describes the negotiation as a “roadblock from the city,” and “intimate that police are out of control.” Of the Read more about FOP Watch: Examining FOP Executives’ response to Consent Decree[…]