Community Investment as a Violence Reduction Strategy

Violence reduction strategies are all too often centered in a criminal justice system response while ignoring the economic alternatives that can play a much more effective role reducing violence over the long-term. For this to happen the electorate in Chicago needs to hold their political leaders accountable for their votes not just on justice issues Read more about Community Investment as a Violence Reduction Strategy[…]

contact tracing

Using Contact Tracing to Reduce Gun Violence

The contact tracing that is all over the news since the start of the pandemic can arguably have an impact on gun violence in Chicago. At least that is what our guest, Dr. Andrew Papachristos, Professor of Sociology and the Director of the Northwestern Network and Neighborhood Initiative argued in his OpEd in The Hill Read more about Using Contact Tracing to Reduce Gun Violence[…]

CPD Ghosted by Staffing Analysis

Only in Chicago could the police be ghosted by their own staffing analysis. That is what one assumes happened when the second largest police department in the country cannot find a staffing analysis used as the basis for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to hire 1,000 additional officers to the Department. On September 22, 2016 Mayor Read more about CPD Ghosted by Staffing Analysis[…]


Disaggregating the Police Function

Disaggregating the various functions of modern police agencies provides us the basis to start to reimagine how we might go about building better systems of layered responses to the social problems we have for too long left at the feet of policing agencies in American. Today’s episode features our Facebook Live conversation with Professor Barry Read more about Disaggregating the Police Function[…]


FOIA: Mayor’s Office Superintendent Search

This FOIA to the Mayor’s Office of the City of Chicago is intended to shed light on the process by which former Dallas Police Chief David Brown became Chicago’s new Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. The process seems not only less than ideal it also seems to violate in the spirit and the letter Read more about FOIA: Mayor’s Office Superintendent Search[…]



This FOIA is seeking CAPS (Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategy) data from the Chicago Police Department (CDP). Both Superintendent Brown and Mayor Lightfoot has espoused support for community policing so there is every reason to believe that the program will see a resurgence in Chicago. There is an intense mythology that has been built up around Read more about FOIA: CPD CAPS Data[…]


IDOC & Their Response to COVID-19

The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic is the subject of today’s episode. We feature excerpts from a Facebook Live interview we did with Jobi Cates, Founder and Executive Director of Reform Justice Illinois (RJI). RJI was originally created to work on issues solely focused on juvenile lifers, or Read more about IDOC & Their Response to COVID-19[…]

Top 10

Top 10 Questions for Interim Superintendent David Brown

We are submitting our 10 Top questions for the hearing on Monday April 20th the Chicago City Council Public Safety Committee will be holding a hearing to confirm now interim Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown to the position permanently. This meeting, like many other of these types of hearings, is basically pure theater. It Read more about Top 10 Questions for Interim Superintendent David Brown[…]


Brown Live Stream Articles

Here are the news articles that were discussed in our Facebook Livestream about CPD’s nominated new superintendent David Brown on April 15th featuring Steve Rhodes, the Founder and Editor of the Beachwood Reporter. Articles: Reality Check: Several claims from Chief David Brown’s New Book don’t pass muster, June 6, 2017 – Link – Dallas Morning Read more about Brown Live Stream Articles[…]


FOIA, Featuring Merrick Wayne

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a vital tool that allows residents of the state to gain access to public records. Today’s show features a discussion on FOIA and more specifically a memo authored by Matt Topic from Loevy & Loevy. Our guest today is Merrick Wayne who specializes in representing residents, journalists, Read more about FOIA, Featuring Merrick Wayne[…]