Peter Karl

Peter Karl’s Confidentiality Agreement

What are we supposed to think about Peter Karl’s renewed relationship with Channel 5 News? For those that are not up to speed Mr. Karl renewed his journalistic relationship with NBC recently. Karl signed on with NBC recently to profile unsolved murder cases for NBC’s 10PM and morning newscasts. For those not in the know Read more about Peter Karl’s Confidentiality Agreement[…]

11 Questions for Jody

11 Questions for Jody Weis

Recently I have spent time consuming as much of the media coverage surrounding the appointment of Joey Weis as possible.  From the little I was able to glean from the coverage in the Chicago media Weis talked much more about philosophy rather than specifics.  A dangerous development because Weis is being charged with halting abuse Read more about 11 Questions for Jody Weis[…]