Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence in Chicago

Sexual violence in Chicago is a significantly under-covered crime in Chicago and is only really covered if the media can exploit and sensationalize the event. Today we chat with Executive Director Erin Walton and Director of Programs and Policy Sarah Layden from Resilience. Our discussion covers defining what exactly is sexual violence, how often it Read more about Sexual Violence in Chicago[…]


Coverage of Kim Foxx & Justice Issues Overall

The coverage of justice issues in Chicago overall has and continues to be a huge problem for the Chicago media. The hyper-concentration on gun violence and the daily tally of shootings has taken center stage across the various mediums for which Chicagoans can consume news. The legacy outlets also have to compete with agenda driven Read more about Coverage of Kim Foxx & Justice Issues Overall[…]


Will the Real Eddie Johnson Please Standup?

The outpouring of love for Superintendent Eddie Johnson as he announced his retirement from the CPD certainly does not align well with what we know about his career. Now that he is retiring the media is making it seem as if Eddie Johnson is some kind of hero cop instead of the Emanuel political appointment Read more about Will the Real Eddie Johnson Please Standup?[…]


FOP Watch: They Don’t Need Causation

Causation and correlation are different and someone should really explain the differences to the FOP Spokesman because it is perfectly clear he just does not get it. Or just doesn’t want to. That is also a possibility. This is a commentary on the FOP’s latest blog titled “The Politics of the Chicago Police Homicide Clearance Read more about FOP Watch: They Don’t Need Causation[…]

Rushed meeting to appoint Andrea Zopp to Chicago Police Board pushed until Monday.

CHICAGO — The Committee on Public Safety met at city hall Friday to consider Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s desired appointment of Andrea Zopp to the Chicago Police Board. While the city met the established guidelines of releasing information about the meeting 48 hours prior, members of the public voiced their concerns that the appointment was a Read more about Rushed meeting to appoint Andrea Zopp to Chicago Police Board pushed until Monday.[…]

Andrea Zopp could be added to The Chicago Police Board by Friday Nov. 17

Andrea Zopp is set to be named the newest member of the Chicago Police Board on Friday, pending a City Council meeting. The document obtained by The Chicago Justice Project on Wednesday appears to confirm a Nov. 17 meeting at 9:45 a.m. The meeting will take place in Room 201A, second floor of City Hall. Read more about Andrea Zopp could be added to The Chicago Police Board by Friday Nov. 17[…]


Spielman Continues Staffing Myth

It is pretty clear that the Sun-Times as an organization has made up its mind about whether or not we are “short” police officers. The latest propaganda piece is from Fran Spielman and is titled “Can Emanuel deliver on his promise to hire more police?”. Once again the reporting is really short on facts and Read more about Spielman Continues Staffing Myth[…]

Garry Mccarthy

Garry McCarthy’s Credibility Revival

There is no universe anywhere where the media should bestow credibility upon a man like Garry McCarthy who stands as the only man in American history to have two consecutive police departments he controlled taken over by the US Justice Department. Just prior to becoming the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department McCarthy was the Read more about Garry McCarthy’s Credibility Revival[…]