MMB: Main, Sposato, & Tokenism

This story is just another case of the local media exploiting violence and a salacious headline to get clicks and then not delivering a meaningful story. I would bet very near 99% of guns used on the streets of Chicago start out being purchased legally through a gun store. This is not news. The fact Read more about MMB: Main, Sposato, & Tokenism[…]


MMB: Defunding the Police Without Accountability

So, isn’t Lightfoot not filling vacant police positions actually a move towards defunding the Chicago Police Department (CPD)? There is little doubt that defunding the CPD would require staff reductions. I believe Lightfoot is being disingenuous at best when she says stuff like “if we defunded the police, we would have to cut the youngest Read more about MMB: Defunding the Police Without Accountability[…]


Coordinated CPD Media Strategy

On May 15th several mainstream media outlets each published their own interview with CPD Superintendent David Brown in what can only be the result of a coordinated media strategy from the Department. When you review what was published by the various outlets they each make readers / viewers believe the interview was obtained through their Read more about Coordinated CPD Media Strategy[…]


FOIA: Mayor’s Office Superintendent Search

This FOIA to the Mayor’s Office of the City of Chicago is intended to shed light on the process by which former Dallas Police Chief David Brown became Chicago’s new Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. The process seems not only less than ideal it also seems to violate in the spirit and the letter Read more about FOIA: Mayor’s Office Superintendent Search[…]



This FOIA is seeking CAPS (Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategy) data from the Chicago Police Department (CDP). Both Superintendent Brown and Mayor Lightfoot has espoused support for community policing so there is every reason to believe that the program will see a resurgence in Chicago. There is an intense mythology that has been built up around Read more about FOIA: CPD CAPS Data[…]