FOIA: CPD VAW Case Statuses

This FOIA request is seeking case statuses on what are traditionally called violence against women (VAW)crimes. These types of cases fall under two categories: domestic violence and sexual assault cases. VAW crimes rarely if ever make the news and when they do they make the it is usually to exploit the crimes for the clicks. Read more about FOIA: CPD VAW Case Statuses[…]

Felony Sex Crime Case Processing: Report, Analysis, & Recommendations

Examining how the numbers the agencies in Chicago release related to felony sex crime cases are created, what do they really mean, and what is hidden behind those numbers. Criminal justice agencies play a very important role in assisting communities in securing their neighborhoods from crime and violence. The basis for how successful these agencies Read more about Felony Sex Crime Case Processing: Report, Analysis, & Recommendations[…]

sexual assault

Lack of Reliable Sexual Assault Numbers

The mere idea that anyone, including the agencies of our criminal justice system, has a real grasp on how often women are sexually assaulted in our city is nonsense¬† In fact the real decisions about how many sexual assault complaints end up in the final numbers are significantly impacted by decisions made in the shadows Read more about Lack of Reliable Sexual Assault Numbers[…]