Missed opportunities

Missed opportunities for true reform

Great opportunities to broaden the discourse around accountability within the criminal justice system in Chicago and Cook County were recently missed. A closer examination of these chances will unveil a more complete picture into how truly dedicated the new version of the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) will be to conducting their business in a Read more about Missed opportunities for true reform[…]

True Agenda

Separate Messages. One True Agenda

To fully make sense of an agenda that is at the heart of the actions of an institution you first must consider all the actions of the institution that are simultaneously taking place. In the case of the City of Chicago I am talking about how they are beating a consistent drum of openness when Read more about Separate Messages. One True Agenda[…]

be careful

Be careful what you wish for

Daley has once again outsmarted his critics by removing the Office of Professional Standards (OPS), the office that investigates civilian complaints against Chicago Police officers, from being part of the Chicago Police Department. Daley authored an ordinance that was introduced at the Chicago City Council hearing on Wednesday, May 9. This is similar to what Read more about Be careful what you wish for[…]

Cline's resignation

What is the real story behind Cline’s resignation?

With all the reporting many very important clues to how the accountability systems work in the criminal justice system in Chicago have been overshadowed by a video of a single officer beating a white women. I will try to decipher the three major incidents behind Cline’s actions and detail the larger context issues that the Read more about What is the real story behind Cline’s resignation?[…]

horror show

A justice horror show!

For once I agree completely with the Tribune’s editorial board. The details around the release of James Ealy definitely depict a justice system that can only be described as a horror show. For background on the case you can read this. The Tribune and the rest of the Chicago have failed to ask the real Read more about A justice horror show![…]

Mayor Daley

An Open Letter to Mayor Daley

The recent resignation of Tisa Morris as Head of the Office of Professional Standards, (OPS), provides an historic opportunity to redesign the accountability processes within the Chicago Police Department. As a strong first move the much-maligned OPS must be scraped in favor of an independent organization that can operate outside the political reach of the Read more about An Open Letter to Mayor Daley[…]

Illegal Detention (Part 1 of 5)

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a very important decision on September 22 in the case of Joseph Lopez v. City of Chicago, and Chicago Police Detectives Jennifer Delafont, Daniel Jacons, and Hector Vergara, 01 C 1823. This decision clearly states without much ambiguity that the police, in this case the Chicago Police, Read more about Illegal Detention (Part 1 of 5)[…]

Bad Apples

Just a few bad apples?

Recent disclosures about four Special Operations Section SOS officers being arrested for their “on the job activities” brings back memories. The memories are of the elite gangs units the CPD had in place to combat gangs, drugs and guns. Those units were closed down because Officer Joseph Miedzianowski was uncovered to be using his position Read more about Just a few bad apples?[…]

Who did that

Who did that? What was that name? Why are there never names to go along with the actions?

In a recent Chicago Tribune article dated Sunday, August 27, 2006, details about the harrowing couple of days leading up to Christina Eilman’s tragic fall from a CHA building were revealed. The article discloses some intimate details of the parents and Eilman’s personal struggle to get medical attention for Eilman. The reporting on this issue Read more about Who did that? What was that name? Why are there never names to go along with the actions?[…]