Impact on Incarceration and Sentencing from HB 3653

The impact on sentencing and incarceration from the recently passed omnibus bill HB 3653 in very significant. We discuss many of the these specific reforms on today’s show. Our guest is Jobi Cates, Founder and Executive Director of Restore Justice Illinois. This large bill is packed with reforms. It is far from everything the state Read more about Impact on Incarceration and Sentencing from HB 3653[…]


Achieving Gun Violence Reductions

Understanding the impact of the intersection of the multiple problems that communities are facing on the south and west sides is not something that politicians and the media in Chicago have been very good at. The media has a systemic issue with allowing local alderman off the hook for their votes on financial issues that Read more about Achieving Gun Violence Reductions[…]

Bail Reform

Bail Reform – An Empirical Analysis of Impact

Bail reform is a very hot topic in Cook County despite the fact that there have been very few facts driving the discussion. Bail was created to assure that people show up for court proceedings after being charged with a crime. The thought was that forcing people to put up a some of cash would Read more about Bail Reform – An Empirical Analysis of Impact[…]