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Learning from the Reaction to Weis

Superintendent Weis’ tenure with the Chicago Police Department is winding down as the chorus calling for his resignation grows louder.  It is critically important that


Hillard – Weis – Warm Weather

 “”Progressive communities can fix things early on,” Heintze said. “The question is whether the department is trying to identify rogue operations or dysfunctional management.” Hillard


January Round-Up

I believe Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis when he stated in the Sun-Times that the motivation behind dropping the test is about racial disparities involved


December Round Up

Public officials are supposed to lead by example, but most public officials in Illinois and Chicago prefer to live by the old adage: “do what

Low hanging Fruit

Weis and Low Hanging Fruit

It took the appointment of an FBI agent to the post of Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) for the CPD to rid themselves


The appointment of J.P. “Jody” Weis

In three parts. 1. Chicago has a long history of appointments to important jobs either being filled with politics, or race and politics. Daley’s recent

11 Questions for Jody

11 Questions for Jody Weis

Recently I have spent time consuming as much of the media coverage surrounding the appointment of Joey Weis as possible.  From the little I was

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