Telling Stories About Crime is Hard

Covering issues of crime and violence is very hard but that is no excuse for not doing it better. So says our guest this week on the Chicago Justice Show Jason Cherkis. Cherkis is seasoned reporter who started out working for weekly paper in Washington, DC covering these very issues. Through be told reporters at Read more about Telling Stories About Crime is Hard[…]

Alternative Media

Alternative Media – Same Bad Reporting

The idea behind the need for alternative media is that the alternative is supposed to be better than the regular. In Chicago when it comes to crime reporting, which is all the rage now, nobody does more of it than the Crime in Wriglyville and Boystown Blogish thing now going by CWB Chicago. If you Read more about Alternative Media – Same Bad Reporting[…]

Gangs: Television Coverage, Violence, and the new RICO law

Isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same actions and expecting different results?  If so, then the Chicago media sure is insane. Check my reasoning: Every year, following a spike in violence, the media goes crazy with coverage demanding action to stop these crimes from happening again. They also demonize, rightly and wrongly, street gangs Read more about Gangs: Television Coverage, Violence, and the new RICO law[…]