MMB: Dart, Gang Database, Lightfoot

Defunder in Charge This is just another clear demonstration of how the Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart, tries to manipulate and shape the Sheriff’s Office into whatever will allow him to keep or gain additional power. In this article, Dart tries to position the programs he is running in the jail as being exactly what Read more about MMB: Dart, Gang Database, Lightfoot[…]

Iternal Review

MMB: What is Missing from Dart’s Internal Review?

To start with – the internal review itself is missing. Frank Main from the Sun-Times published a piece on an internal review conducted by Sheriff Dart detailing what Main wants us all to think are excessive continuances in criminal cases. Main pushes Dart’s line that this is due to judges granting inappropriate numbers of continuances Read more about MMB: What is Missing from Dart’s Internal Review?[…]

Cook County Sheriff All Records FOIA

This FOIA to the Cook County Sheriff is part of our efforts to use the Illinois Freedom of Information Act to open records from the Chicago and Cook County justice system. In this FOIA, which we have sent to each multiple justice agencies in Chicago and Cook County, we are asking for a list of Read more about Cook County Sheriff All Records FOIA[…]


Cook County Sheriff FOIA Number One

This is the first request filed as part of our 2018 FOIA Campaign. Our target for this year’s campaign is the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office staffs and administers Cook County Jail, guards the courts throughout Cook County, runs the Sheriff’s Police. There is far too little information about the daily operations of Read more about Cook County Sheriff FOIA Number One[…]