Iternal Review

MMB: What is Missing from Dart’s Internal Review?

To start with – the internal review itself is missing. Frank Main from the Sun-Times published a piece on an internal review conducted by Sheriff Dart detailing what Main wants us all to think are excessive continuances in criminal cases. Main pushes Dart’s line that this is due to judges granting inappropriate numbers of continuances Read more about MMB: What is Missing from Dart’s Internal Review?[…]


MMB: Spielman & Kass #Fail

Why does the Fran Spielman just refuse to cite Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara’s nearly 50 complaints (10 sustained) and multiple suspensions when she quotes him? He has zero credibility on the issue of accountability. The way to communicate that to the public when you quote him is to cite the fact that Read more about MMB: Spielman & Kass #Fail[…]


What Exactly has Raoul Championed?

“Now, nearly two years in as Illinois attorney general, Raoul is a figure to watch as a state official responsible for translating protest and outrage on the streets into actionable criminal justice and policing reforms after Floyd’s death and the August shooting of Jacob Blake in neighboring Wisconsin. While not ignoring the attorney general’s role Read more about What Exactly has Raoul Championed?[…]


Coordinated CPD Media Strategy

On May 15th several mainstream media outlets each published their own interview with CPD Superintendent David Brown in what can only be the result of a coordinated media strategy from the Department. When you review what was published by the various outlets they each make readers / viewers believe the interview was obtained through their Read more about Coordinated CPD Media Strategy[…]

Tribune's Bail

Tribune’s Bail Story – a Weak Use of Data

The Chicago Tribune’s bail story is a classic example of why academic research methods and so superior to the quantitative research methods used by journalists covering criminal justice issues. This video is from our YouTube channel Quick Hits playlist were you will find brief videos on CJP’s insights on justice system policy and practices and Read more about Tribune’s Bail Story – a Weak Use of Data[…]


When a Trend is Nothing More Than Chance

The epitome of bad data use is when journalists uncover what they believe is a trend in Chicaogs gun violence and then refuse to accept facts that prove it is nothing more than random chance. It is a very common issue in Chicago journalism especially in the coverage of crime and violence. Of course random Read more about When a Trend is Nothing More Than Chance[…]

FOP Watch: Chicago Tribune’s Boudreau coverage fuels tension of anti-police narrative

FOP officials directly call out Megan Crepeau and Eric Zorn, maintaining that Crepeau “whitewashes powerful evidence the Chicago Tribune falsely claimed, as part of their anti-police efforts, Chicago Police officers coerced confessions from accused killers.” The blog post was written in response to Crepeau’s latest coverage of Judge Leroy Martin rejecting an amicus brief by Read more about FOP Watch: Chicago Tribune’s Boudreau coverage fuels tension of anti-police narrative[…]

Fact Checking Bill Daley’s Violence Solution

Everyone seems to have a solution to Chicago’s violence these days, despite not much familiarity with the issues beyond the headlines and certainly beyond academia’s leading research. The latest entrant: Banking magnate and former U.S Commerce Secretary Bill Daley. He authored an OpEd in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday March 1. Let’s fact-check Daley’s letter Read more about Fact Checking Bill Daley’s Violence Solution[…]

Chaney's Cave

Violence Solution Written From Cheney’s Cave

The following notion should scare the hell out of every Chicagoan. Mayor Emanuel is going to put the same effort he put in to “fixing” Chicago’s financial problems in to fixing Chicago’s violence problems!  I would give you all three guesses which news outlet in Chicago had a columnist that wrote a column suggesting just Read more about Violence Solution Written From Cheney’s Cave[…]

National Guard

National Guard Manning Road Blocks

Never let it be said that Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass cannot find the best ways to exploit the tragedy of a murdered child for a chance to unleash an ideologically driven hate-filled tirade about “bringing in the National Guard”. You have to pay close attention to his rhetoric because there is always a surprise Read more about National Guard Manning Road Blocks[…]