Tag: Chicago Police Department


Community Commission on Public Safety

The Community Commission on Public Safety (Commission) is one of the campaign promises that Mayor Lightfoot just has not been able to deliver on and


CPD FOIA Suit Updates

This entire lawsuit and how the CPD has responded throughout is a monument to just how against the organization is to real transparency. Also, it

Anjanette Young Case Reporting

The case of the botched search of the home of Anjanette Young has blown up in to a full scale political storm for Mayor Lightfoot.

Too Little, Too Late?

Too little effort from the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is going in to responding to sex crimes in Chicago according to a new report from

GAPA – What is This Ordinance All About?

The Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA) is an association of multiple community based organizations working together on issues of police accountability in Chicago. The

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