Mayor's Office

Mayor’s Office FOIA

Here is the recent FOIA we submitted to City of Chicago Mayor’s Office seeking records related Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Sept. 22, 2016 announcement of his decision to hire 1,000 additional officers to the Chicago Police Department. In our ongoing litigation with the Chicago Police Department is appears more and more likely that the impetus for Read more about Mayor’s Office FOIA[…]

CJP Takes Transparency Fight Against CPD to Court

On Tuesday, May 22nd the Chicago Justice Project filed took their transparency fight to court by filing a 10 complaint in state court against the Chicago Police Department for widespread violations of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. The complaint details a pattern by the Department of either completely ignoring requests or only providing minimal Read more about CJP Takes Transparency Fight Against CPD to Court[…]

Chicago Residents Gather at October Police Board Meeting to Remember Laquan McDonald

By JONATHAN BALLEW CHICAGO — “Laquan McDonald was a young black man who was killed by the police! And we gonna fight all day and night until he rests in peace!” Outside Chicago Police Headquarters, Thursday, a crowd of close to two hundred repeatedly and lyrically chanted the mantra, with increasing fervor.  They were there to observe Read more about Chicago Residents Gather at October Police Board Meeting to Remember Laquan McDonald[…]


Chicago Media on the Violence in Chicago

It would be nice if the media did their jobs to separate fact from fiction and urban myth.  One thing the Chicago media is very good at is being an echo chamber for accusations and rumor rather than taking that material in and comparing it to the facts to see if there is any validity Read more about Chicago Media on the Violence in Chicago[…]


Preventable Victimization and Inside-Outside Homicides

Megan Twohey’s recent expose on Bruce Smith, a Chicago-area gynecologist accused multiple times of sexual assault, and the absolute disregard for those allegations from the criminal justice system has produced some justice.  It was not until after the expose that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) sought a Read more about Preventable Victimization and Inside-Outside Homicides[…]