Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence in Chicago

Sexual violence in Chicago is a significantly under-covered crime in Chicago and is only really covered if the media can exploit and sensationalize the event. Today we chat with Executive Director Erin Walton and Director of Programs and Policy Sarah Layden from Resilience. Our discussion covers defining what exactly is sexual violence, how often it Read more about Sexual Violence in Chicago[…]


Telling Stories About Crime is Hard

Covering issues of crime and violence is very hard but that is no excuse for not doing it better. So says our guest this week on the Chicago Justice Show Jason Cherkis. Cherkis is seasoned reporter who started out working for weekly paper in Washington, DC covering these very issues. Through be told reporters at Read more about Telling Stories About Crime is Hard[…]


Coverage of Kim Foxx & Justice Issues Overall

The coverage of justice issues in Chicago overall has and continues to be a huge problem for the Chicago media. The hyper-concentration on gun violence and the daily tally of shootings has taken center stage across the various mediums for which Chicagoans can consume news. The legacy outlets also have to compete with agenda driven Read more about Coverage of Kim Foxx & Justice Issues Overall[…]


Sharon Fairley on Police Reform in Chicago

This episode features a discussion with Sharon Fairley who is a professor from practice at the University of Chicago Law School a, former federal prosecutor, and the former chief administrator of the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) and Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA). We discuss Sharon’s recent commentary published by the Chicago Tribune titled Read more about Sharon Fairley on Police Reform in Chicago[…]


Coordinated CPD Media Strategy

On May 15th several mainstream media outlets each published their own interview with CPD Superintendent David Brown in what can only be the result of a coordinated media strategy from the Department. When you review what was published by the various outlets they each make readers / viewers believe the interview was obtained through their Read more about Coordinated CPD Media Strategy[…]

Million Dollar

Chicago’s Million Dollar Blocks

Chicago’s Million Dollar Blocks is an amazing website that details over a five year period how much money the State of Illinois spends on incarcerating people per block in Chicago. In this episode we feature an interview with researcher and author Dr. Dan Cooper from the Metropolitan Planning Council, who together with his colleague Dr. Read more about Chicago’s Million Dollar Blocks[…]

Tribune's Bail

Tribune’s Bail Story – a Weak Use of Data

The Chicago Tribune’s bail story is a classic example of why academic research methods and so superior to the quantitative research methods used by journalists covering criminal justice issues. This video is from our YouTube channel Quick Hits playlist were you will find brief videos on CJP’s insights on justice system policy and practices and Read more about Tribune’s Bail Story – a Weak Use of Data[…]