MMB: Main, Sposato, & Tokenism

This story is just another case of the local media exploiting violence and a salacious headline to get clicks and then not delivering a meaningful story. I would bet very near 99% of guns used on the streets of Chicago start out being purchased legally through a gun store. This is not news. The fact Read more about MMB: Main, Sposato, & Tokenism[…]

Second attempt

FOIA: Second Attempt at Committee Membership & Terms

This is CJP’s second attempt at requesting data regarding the membership and chairman for the City Council Committees of Police and Fire, Public Safety, and Finance. Believe it or not the City Clerk’s Office is trying to tell us they don’t maintain documents that detail the terms that alderman serve on committees and the terms Read more about FOIA: Second Attempt at Committee Membership & Terms[…]


The Fight for Police Misconduct Files

The current fight for decades of police misconduct files has its roots in a police department, police accountability system, and a political system that had no interest in holding police officers accountable for their actions. In this interview from our Facebook Live interview series we talk with Jared Kosoglad, the lawyer for Charles Green, and Read more about The Fight for Police Misconduct Files[…]


FOIA: Committee Membership & Terms

This request is for data on the terms and membership on the Chicago City Council Committees that are related to police oversight and approval of civil settlements involving the Chicago Police Department and their officers. The terms and membership data will be used as part of our efforts to track the activities of these committees Read more about FOIA: Committee Membership & Terms[…]


FOIA: Chicago City Clerk

The Chicago Justice Project has two volunteer driven research projects that involve tracking the activities of different committees of the Chicago City Council through accessing Clerk data. This FOIA request was submitted because if you check the website for the Clerk you are only able to obtain agendas from committee meetings going back to the Read more about FOIA: Chicago City Clerk[…]


Disaggregating the Police Function

Disaggregating the various functions of modern police agencies provides us the basis to start to reimagine how we might go about building better systems of layered responses to the social problems we have for too long left at the feet of policing agencies in American. Today’s episode features our Facebook Live conversation with Professor Barry Read more about Disaggregating the Police Function[…]

Top 10

Top 10 Questions for Interim Superintendent David Brown

We are submitting our 10 Top questions for the hearing on Monday April 20th the Chicago City Council Public Safety Committee will be holding a hearing to confirm now interim Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown to the position permanently. This meeting, like many other of these types of hearings, is basically pure theater. It Read more about Top 10 Questions for Interim Superintendent David Brown[…]

Rushed meeting to appoint Andrea Zopp to Chicago Police Board pushed until Monday.

CHICAGO — The Committee on Public Safety met at city hall Friday to consider Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s desired appointment of Andrea Zopp to the Chicago Police Board. While the city met the established guidelines of releasing information about the meeting 48 hours prior, members of the public voiced their concerns that the appointment was a Read more about Rushed meeting to appoint Andrea Zopp to Chicago Police Board pushed until Monday.[…]

Andrea Zopp could be added to The Chicago Police Board by Friday Nov. 17

Andrea Zopp is set to be named the newest member of the Chicago Police Board on Friday, pending a City Council meeting. The document obtained by The Chicago Justice Project on Wednesday appears to confirm a Nov. 17 meeting at 9:45 a.m. The meeting will take place in Room 201A, second floor of City Hall. Read more about Andrea Zopp could be added to The Chicago Police Board by Friday Nov. 17[…]


Alderman O’Shea Clears Cops Months Before Investigation Completed

There is no way that Alderman Matt O’Shea (19th) was going to let an ongoing investigation in to an officer involved shooting prevent him from declaring the shooting justified. That’s right folks months before the official investigation in to the shooting is complete a brave alderman stood up and declared the shooting justified. Just don’t Read more about Alderman O’Shea Clears Cops Months Before Investigation Completed[…]