This FOIA is seeking CAPS (Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategy) data from the Chicago Police Department (CDP). Both Superintendent Brown and Mayor Lightfoot has espoused support for community policing so there is every reason to believe that the program will see a resurgence in Chicago. There is an intense mythology that has been built up around Read more about FOIA: CPD CAPS Data[…]


Criticism by association and more apples

When will people get over the organization they are involved in being criticized? When I talk about the patterns and practices of an organization, namely the Chicago Police Department, being bad it does not mean that everyone involved in the Department is bad, corrupt, brutal, or vicious. Recently, I have had heard about negative reactions Read more about Criticism by association and more apples[…]


New curfew law results from CAPS’ failure

When read this latest attempt by the CPD / City to garner control of the Chicago’s youth by inflicting financial penalties on parents I thought, wow, wasn’t CAPS supposed to solve the problem over a decade ago? The problem of wayward youth wandering Chicago’s streets late at night with nothing to do but cause trouble? Read more about New curfew law results from CAPS’ failure[…]