Felony Arrests

Felony Arrests UP Context Not

The Sun-Times’ article  detailing the rise in felony arrests would serve their readers interests more if the Sun-Times did the reporting necessary to let their audience know the impact it had on crime and violence in Chicago. What readers were provided with instead was a regurgitation of numbers that without the needed context leaves the Read more about Felony Arrests UP Context Not[…]

Data Dictionary

SAO FOIA: Their Data Dictionary

This FOIA request targets the data dictionary from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office as part of our ongoing advocacy to open their data. As part of our litigation settlement the SAO did provide us with partial data for 7 years of felony case level prosecution data including data on their secretive felony review practices.  But they Read more about SAO FOIA: Their Data Dictionary[…]

FOP Watch: Examining Anti-Police Rhetoric in Managing Police Culture

Chicago Police’s distrust with the public is higher now than it ever has been as their culture continues to be a problem.  The distrust is growing exponentially since the early 90s after the revealed misconducts of Jon Burge’s and his “Midnight Crew” officers who used methods of torture including beating, suffocation, burning, and electrical shock Read more about FOP Watch: Examining Anti-Police Rhetoric in Managing Police Culture[…]


When a Trend is Nothing More Than Chance

The epitome of bad data use is when journalists uncover what they believe is a trend in Chicaogs gun violence and then refuse to accept facts that prove it is nothing more than random chance. It is a very common issue in Chicago journalism especially in the coverage of crime and violence. Of course random Read more about When a Trend is Nothing More Than Chance[…]


CPD Payroll Records FOIA

This FOIA for the payroll records was brought about as a result of a ruling by Judge Judge Caroline Kate Moreland in our ongoing litigation against the Chicago Police Department. The ruling endorsed the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) claim that they were incapable of determining who held certain positions within the Department during a specified Read more about CPD Payroll Records FOIA[…]


FOP Watch: Examining FOP Executives’ response to Consent Decree

Writing the first letter within their June report, president Kevin Graham focused on the ongoing contract negotiations between the city and the FOP as well as the consent decree. While like several other issued statements, Graham describes the negotiation as a “roadblock from the city,” and “intimate that police are out of control.” Of the Read more about FOP Watch: Examining FOP Executives’ response to Consent Decree[…]

FOP Watch: Chicago Tribune’s Boudreau coverage fuels tension of anti-police narrative

FOP officials directly call out Megan Crepeau and Eric Zorn, maintaining that Crepeau “whitewashes powerful evidence the Chicago Tribune falsely claimed, as part of their anti-police efforts, Chicago Police officers coerced confessions from accused killers.” The blog post was written in response to Crepeau’s latest coverage of Judge Leroy Martin rejecting an amicus brief by Read more about FOP Watch: Chicago Tribune’s Boudreau coverage fuels tension of anti-police narrative[…]

Marcher Filming Police Officer

FOP Watch

Even the most passive observer of the administration of justice in Chicago can recognize the level of influence the Fraternal Order of Police union, (FOP), has among the media and policymakers in Chicago. The FOP represents the thousands of Chicago Police Department patrol officers. The FOP does not have a history in Chicago that would Read more about FOP Watch[…]