July 16, 2016

Reports and Resources

CJP strives to analyze and report on the data that we make available. We publish our findings in two ways: long-form reports and issue briefs. For more information on these resources, please contact Tracy Siska

Long-Form Reports

Chicago Police Board – A Ten Year Analysis

This report analyzes ten years of cases and decisions made by the Chicago Police Board. The study examines the charges filed with the Chicago Police Board and their resulting decisions.

Felony Sex Crime Case Processing: Report, Analysis, and Recommendation

This report examines how the numbers related to felony sex crimes are created, what they mean, and what is hidden behind those numbers.

Violence Against Women in the News

CJP studied a year of news reports on violence against women published in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times to understand how closely the coverage resembles the occurrence of these crimes in Chicago’s communities.

Issue Briefs

General Assembly Attempts Rollbacks of Public Access Law

Illinois’ General Assembly quickly and quietly introduces and passes legislation to bar public access to their government.

Update to Chicago Police Board 10-Year Analysis

Updated analysis of Police Board decisions with additional analysis of agenda items from the Committee on Police and Fire from 2006-2009. New analysis of litigation payouts related to police litigation from four of the largest cities in America.

“Inside” vs. “Outside” Homicides

This issue brief covering the topics of domestic violence and domestic-related calls for service was completed in collaboration with the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network.

IPRA Review – More Access Needed

Analysis of IPRA’s first four years of operation reveals that their rate of sustaining citizen complaints against CPD officers is identical to it’s predecessor. Analysis also revels that hundreds of taser investigations that they are required to conduct by city ordinance are not being completed.

Long Term Costs of Police Staffing Increases

With all the media coverage surrounding the question of whether or not to hire more Chicago Police Officers, the financial cost to the city is rarely examined. Through this issue brief, we have.