August 28, 2016

Calls for Police Service

The data available here is from the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC). This agency handles all emergency calls for both police and fire services. Upon receiving each call, they categorize the nature of the call based on the available information provided to the dispatcher from the individual that initiates the call. OEMC categorizes the calls for police service in accordance with a detailed list of categories titled “Police Event Types.” Available for download are the calls for police service by event type, police district, and day of the week.

CJP has also added a document that details the data fields captured by OEMC in response to a police calls for service and the definitions of all the included fields.

Added March 30, 2015: Call level data for calls for police service for the year 2013. This is a limited data set and CJP is in the process of obtaining a more robust data set through FOIA from OEMC. For more info go here & here.

Data Caveats:

Unfortunately, we know that to some degree the original categorizations from the dispatchers are not 100 percent accurate in being able to capture the true nature of every call OEMC receives for police service. This is being made available with the notice that it is only reliable in limited usage. One such use would be to provide communities with a general idea of the disparities in the volume of calls for police services across police districts. This data can shed light on the differences found in the types of calls for police service between districts in low crime and high crime areas of the city.

The data provided below is an exact copy of what OEMC provided CJP in response to our requests for police service data through the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. OEMC informed CJP that they only maintain data for four years, so we are limited in our ability to make historical data available. We are providing data for 2008-2012.

Updated: April. 17, 2015