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FOIA: Chicago Police Board Decision

CJP was alerted by a supporter that a decision from a 2011 Chicago Police Board (Board) case was missing from our Chicago Police Board Information Center. This FOIA was filed to correct that issue. When you review the dates between the filing date and the date our request was fulfilled by the Board with them Read more about FOIA: Chicago Police Board Decision[…]


Anjanette Young Case Reporting

The case of the botched search of the home of Anjanette Young has blown up in to a full scale political storm for Mayor Lightfoot. The case is a perfect example of just how little command and control there is within the Chicago Police Department and how the chase for guns and drugs still sets Read more about Anjanette Young Case Reporting[…]

Too Little

Too Little, Too Late?

Too little effort from the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is going in to responding to sex crimes in Chicago according to a new report from the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE). Today we sit down with Madeline Behr, Policy Manager, at CAASE to discuss a report she authored titled “Too Little, Too Late? The Read more about Too Little, Too Late?[…]


GAPA – What is This Ordinance All About?

The Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA) is an association of multiple community based organizations working together on issues of police accountability in Chicago. The group came together after the release video showing the murder of Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke. GAPA’s main focus has been the creation of a community commission that would Read more about GAPA – What is This Ordinance All About?[…]


COPA Compliance with Video Release Policy

An audit of the Citizen’s Office of Police Accountability’s (COPA) compliance with the City of Chicago’s video release policy shows systemic failures in the police accountability system in Chicago that lead to COPA failing to live up to the office’s obligations under this policy. The policy was put in to place in the wake of Read more about COPA Compliance with Video Release Policy[…]


FOIA: DC Office of Unified Communications

This request submitted to the Office of Unified Communications is part of our first set of requests in the District of Columbia (DC). This request is targeting meta data on calls to 911 within DC seeking police services. As is CJP’s policy we are targeting data for as far back as the Office of Unified Read more about FOIA: DC Office of Unified Communications[…]

Rape Kit

Data Brief: Rape Kit Backlog – What We Do and Don’t Know

The first step to solving the rape kit backlog crisis is to understand the actual extent of the problem. Unfortunately, decades of badly-kept records, unclear legislation, and a lack of transparency has made discerning the exact amount of “backlogged” kits in the state of Illinois difficult. In 2015, the Accountability Project, an initiative by the Read more about Data Brief: Rape Kit Backlog – What We Do and Don’t Know[…]


FOIA: DC Metropolitan Police Department

This is our first set of requests in to the District of Columbia’s (DC) Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). These requests target big data created and maintained by the MPD through the course of their daily work. It is beyond time that that the operations of local justice systems are opened in a manner that allows Read more about FOIA: DC Metropolitan Police Department[…]


MMB: Dart, Gang Database, Lightfoot

Defunder in Charge This is just another clear demonstration of how the Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart, tries to manipulate and shape the Sheriff’s Office into whatever will allow him to keep or gain additional power. In this article, Dart tries to position the programs he is running in the jail as being exactly what Read more about MMB: Dart, Gang Database, Lightfoot[…]


MMB: Main, Sposato, & Tokenism

This story is just another case of the local media exploiting violence and a salacious headline to get clicks and then not delivering a meaningful story. I would bet very near 99% of guns used on the streets of Chicago start out being purchased legally through a gun store. This is not news. The fact Read more about MMB: Main, Sposato, & Tokenism[…]