February 2, 2021

Chicago Justice Show

Not too long ago we realized we could amplify our message about transparency and accountability. We started by live streaming city council meetings and Chicago Police Board meetings once a month, but we wanted to do more. We wanted to create a space for in-depth conversations about accountability. We wanted to bring experts together to talk about how transparency is making a difference every day. Therefore, we created the Chicago Justice Show. This is a weekly program where we feature expert guests and activists to create the conversations we need to be having now more than ever.

Our Chicago Justice Show provides a platform for participation in broad in-depth discussions of a range of topics not otherwise available in traditional reporting on issues around justice in Chicago. We bring together community based organizations, policymakers, researchers, and justice system leaders to go well beyond sound bites and dig deep in to the issues of the day,

We stream our show to multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch to make every effort to bring in as diverse an audience as we can. Audience members can submit comments and questions in real-time from each of those platforms for inclusion in the show. Our show facilitates a multi-faceted discussion across multiple social media platforms.

Currently our show stream once a week on Wednesdays from 12-1pm (CT). We also stream the monthly meetings of the Chicago Police Board and the Chicago City Council’s Committee on Public Safety. We are seeking to expand to streaming our show 3x a week and to stream justice related meetings of the Cook County Board and the Illinois General Assembly.

Through your generous donation, we can bring transparency and accountability to an even wider audience.