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Weekend News Coverage of Gun Violence

The weekend crime, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, is up from last weekend with 56 shootings, 11 of those being fatalities. Last weekend was

4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend Media Recap

The Holiday Weekend saw 100 shot and 18 killed in Chicago, a continuance of the tragic nationwide uptick in violence. According to Police Superintendent David


Weekend Gun Violence Reporting

This weekend the city saw 77 shootings and tragically 6 fatalities. This number is up from theweekend before which saw 5 killed and another 47


Weekend Gun Violence Media Coverage

The Weekend of June 12-14th was marred by another mass shooting on the South Side in the Chatham neighborhood, the second in two weeks. According

Lightfoot Flip Flop on Burge Torture

Despite the fact that President of the Police Accountability Task Force Lightfoot and Candidate Lightfoot acknowledging the crimes committed by former Police Commander Jon Burge

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