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FOIA: Muhammad Shooting to Chicago Police Board

Below is CJP’s FOIA in the Sgt. Khalil Muhammad case to the Chicago Police Board in his unjustified shooting, and subsequent murder, of Ricardo “Ricky” Hayes in the Morgan Park Neighborhood back in August of 2017. Below is the content of our FOIA to the Chicago Police Board filed on 2/15/2020. In accordance with Definitions Read more about FOIA: Muhammad Shooting to Chicago Police Board[…]

Mayor's Office

Mayor’s Office FOIA

Here is the recent FOIA we submitted to City of Chicago Mayor’s Office seeking records related Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Sept. 22, 2016 announcement of his decision to hire 1,000 additional officers to the Chicago Police Department. In our ongoing litigation with the Chicago Police Department is appears more and more likely that the impetus for Read more about Mayor’s Office FOIA[…]


Will the Real Eddie Johnson Please Standup?

The outpouring of love for Superintendent Eddie Johnson as he announced his retirement from the CPD certainly does not align well with what we know about his career. Now that he is retiring the media is making it seem as if Eddie Johnson is some kind of hero cop instead of the Emanuel political appointment Read more about Will the Real Eddie Johnson Please Standup?[…]


FOP Watch: They Don’t Need Causation

Causation and correlation are different and someone should really explain the differences to the FOP Spokesman because it is perfectly clear he just does not get it. Or just doesn’t want to. That is also a possibility. This is a commentary on the FOP’s latest blog titled “The Politics of the Chicago Police Homicide Clearance Read more about FOP Watch: They Don’t Need Causation[…]


Miraculous CPD Data Production

The CPD was able to produce a miraculous data set to CJP as part of our ongoing lawsuit that they told us in writing they did not possess. This directly contradicted what CJP learned from sources within the CPD years ago so we sued to make sure what they were telling us in writing was Read more about Miraculous CPD Data Production[…]

Vultures Exploiting Violence

One of Chicago’s biggest problems are the anonymous vultures that exploit crime and violence to push political agendas and or make a buck.  The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is certainly an expert at these practices but today we are going to discuss an up and comer in the field. This is the northside anonymous Read more about Vultures Exploiting Violence[…]

50 Years

FOP Watch: 33 months of Foxx Cause 50 Years of Gun Violence

It turns out Kim Foxx’s 33 months in office have caused the last 50 years of gun violence in Chicago. Needless to say this is not an evidence based analysis but it one pushed by the FOP on a recent segment on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom show. They segment was seeking to cover the Mayor Read more about FOP Watch: 33 months of Foxx Cause 50 Years of Gun Violence[…]

Echo Chamber

FOP Watch: Echo Chamber

When all the voices you trust are locked within the same echo chamber it becomes very easy to think that facts and evidence are not integral elements of an argument. This is one of the reasons why the FOP’s arguments on social media and their blogs are lacking in evidence to support their conspiracy theories. Read more about FOP Watch: Echo Chamber[…]

Rank Hypocrisy

FOP Watch: Rank Hypocrisy Nothing New

The rank hypocrisy routinely demonstrated by the FOP and their supporters never seems to stop surprising Chicagoans. The recent vote by their Board of Directors to fund the appeal of the three officers recently fired for covering up the murder of Laquan McDonald is just another prime example. In an image the FOP posted to Read more about FOP Watch: Rank Hypocrisy Nothing New[…]