Catanzara Resigns Before Being Fired

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara has officially resigned from the Chicago Police Department after his recent hearing in front of the Chicago Police Board demonstrated he was going to fired. Despite this being extremely good news as Chicago is much better off without this man having the authority and power police officers enjoy the city is not yet rid of the man as he retains his position within the FOP. As we read the FOP guidelines he is able to complete his term in office but is unable to run for re-election as you have to be a sworn officer in good standing to run for the office. How having 50 complaints against him in 23 years meant he was still in good standing is anyone’s guess.

Don’t worry though Catanzara has a plan to stay in the media spotlight and do his best to launch attacks against those he believes are responsible for aggrieving white men in power like himself. Since his election the media has been really bad at legitimizing Catanzara and his views on policing as if he has the credentials of someone who has earned the respect of the public and his fellow officers. I am sure this pattern is going to continue. On this site we started referring to him as John50 to denote the amount of complaints he was able to rack up during his time as an officer on the street.

Oddly enough a sizable number of complaints against Catanzara come from internal sources like fellow officers and superiors. So one could say that the rank and file officers within the CPD are just a lucky he is gone as the public is. Imagine how bad Catanzara had to be for that many internal sources to file formal complaints against the man. This of course didn’t stop a significant number of members of the FOP from voting him in. Our course say he got elected by courting the vote of retired members of the department. It is pretty clear from his history of social media posts and just his language on camera that those that voted for him were alt righters also.

CJP report on Catanzara’s history of misconduct.

CJP podcast interview with author of the report.

Charges filed against Catanzara with the Chicago Police Board.

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