City Moving to Throw Out Anjanette Young Case

The city has moved to get the court to throw out the civil suit by Anjanette Young despite public promises by the Mayor to resolve the matter quickly. This move by the city is about trying to leverage a better bargaining position with Young in the settlement negotiations as well as trying to avoid exposure for past and future bad raids by the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

The little reported context to this story is that the first case filed by Young was tossed out by the court so it might now be that far fetched that the City could get the court to throw out this case also. The politics of getting the case thrown out for Mayor Lightfoot would be very damaging as Young and her attorney have no problem generating media coverage about the case. I am at a loss about why the Mayor hasn’t just paid out the settlement to Young and moved on from the case.

The Mayor has said no camera that she was going to do what was right regarding the Young case and get to the bottom of what actually occurred. I don’t think the voters of Chicago interpreted her remarks to mean that she was going to go to court and get the civil suit thrown out by the court so that Young wound up with no money for what she had to go threw. It seems like there is no end to the Mayor’s thinking she knows better than everyone else. The Young case is a really bad mountain to die on politically for the Mayor.

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