FOP President’s Baseless Claims on Adam Toledo Shooting

FOPThe Fraternal order of Police (FOP) has long be known be a force working against reform even when it is in the best interests of their membership. They are also known for backing up a single officer no matter the long-term consequences for the organization and its membership. The Adam Toledo case may turn out to be just another example of this.

FOP President John Catanzara now does these videos that he posts every Friday to the FOP YouTube channel called the Friday Update. This week our first segment focuses on the most recently posted video from Friday 4/2 where he discusses the Adam Toledo shooting. In our first segment today we play clips from the video where Catanzara is discussing the shooting and the body camera video as if he has seen the video. From my sources he would not be in a position to have seen that video. He is just making claims about what occurred by taking the officer’s word for what happened while trying to get his audience to believe he has some sort of access to independent corroborating evidence like the video. This is just the FOP continuing a long tradition of spreading propaganda about officer involved incident he they know nothing about. Seems like we have heard this tune before.

On today’s show we also discuss the following topics that are in the news right now.

  • An editorial by the Sun-Times about a new study on whether it is better to arrest and prosecute low level offenders. This is based off of a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research and studies 15 years of data.
  • The Chicago City Council’s moral failures is a column by Neil Steinberg. We discuss the failures as it pertains to criminal justice matters.
  • CJP’s new weekly blog series analyzing weekend gun violence coverage. Get insight in to how the 7 outlets are or are not covering the violence.
  • Updates on CJP’s two active FOIA lawsuits – this covers our active litgation against the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.
  • A Politician being a politician. In Chicago you can always count on a politician to exploit violence in Chicago for their own political gain.

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Tracy has nearly two decades of experience researching and working within criminal justice systems. When Tracy began pursuing a career dedicate to system reform, he found that no single organization existed to promote evidence-based discussions among law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Recognizing that citizens in Chicago deserved the right to demand transparency in their criminal justice system, Siska established the Chicago Justice Project. He received his Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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