Analyzing Weekend Gun Violence Coverage

On Monday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that four people were killed and 32 people were injured in shootings across the city this past weekend. Just as in previous weekends, CBS Local, Fox Chicago, and the Chicago Sun-Times published updated tallies of violent incidents over the course of the weekend. These outlets published a final tally on Monday morning. Fox Chicago continues to source all articles covering incidents of gun violence from the Sun-Times Media Wire. Out of the four other news outlets considered, none published articles summarizing events of the weekend. This is a change from last weekend when the Chicago Tribune and NBC Local published stories summarizing weekend gun violence in Chicago.

CBS Local, Fox Chicago, and the Chicago Sun-Times all defined the weekend as beginning on Friday evening at 5 pm and ending on Monday morning at 5 am. On Thursday, there was a shooting at a Home Depot in Brighton park. A Chicago police officer and a security guard were both injured. All seven outlets covered this incident. Coverage of the shooting also continued into the weekend and provided updates on the conditions of those injured.

As shown in the graph below, Fox Chicago provided the most in-depth coverage of the weekend’s events with 15 articles. This is compared to NBC Local, which had the least amount of coverage with only articles. It’s important to note that WGN TV had increased coverage compared to previous weeks. Last weekend, WGN TV published only five articles compared to 14 this weekend. WGN published articles covering specific incidents of violence in Chicago.

Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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