Double Dose of Bad Spielman

SpielmanIn today’s show we discuss two really bad articles from Fran Spielman and the propaganda coming from Superintendent David Brown’s YouTube series.

Spielman is known through our Chicago as a reporter that is seeking nothing but sensational headlines and salacious quotes that can make headlines. We discuss two recent articles from her covering Alderman Beale’s cop house idea and carjackings. Neither article is good and clearly demonstrates she is all about featuring quotes rather than digging in and doing the legwork necessary to really inform the public on these topics. In short, it is typical Spielman.

We also discuss Chicago Police Superintendent Brown’s YouTube series titled “Real Talk with Superintendent Brown“. The one we are focusing on today was uploaded in November 2020 and is focused on CPD’s reform efforts.

We was warned by media sources in Dallas that Brown has a strong dislike for the media and he will do anything he can to avoid having to deal with the media and get his message out to the public. We were ready to be on the lookout for these types of maneuvers by Brown. The YouTube series is a fine idea it just needs to be much more focused on facts rather than just spreading the CPD’s propaganda. We were also warned that Brown is not terribly tethered to the facts. Something that has been abundantly clear in his first year in Chicago.

The second half of the show we discuss:

  • Mary Mitchell’s call for expanding the powers of DCFs rather than using those resources in directly supporting communities.
  • An article bvy Pascal Sabino from Block Club Chicago covering community groups helping CPS find alternatives to cops in schools.
  • The Sun-Times’s Matthew Hendrickson’s article on a CPD officer being charged with official misconduct for chocking a suspect in 2019.

Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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