CJP Wins Summary Judgment Motion

Summary JudgmentCJP was victorious in our summary judgment motion in our efforts to get the CPD to admit publicly that that a staffing analysis they say they did supporting Rahm’s decision to hire a thousand officers never existed. Yes, we are fighting a FOIA battle over a document CJP knows never existed. This is just another example of how bankrupt this Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the Mayor’s Office is.

We have been fighting the CPD in court for over 2 years and even though we are in to a new administration the CPD continues to spend taxpayer money fighting the release of document that we know doesn’t exist.

In our opinion they have lied to the Court and through the Court to us three times. Below is an ad we ran on social media and is posted to our YouTube channel providing details on those lies.

This post today focuses on lie #3. The CPD told the court in their summary judgment motion that after getting caught lying to the court two times that they did an adequate search for the analysis and that they should not be required to search anymore. Another way of looking at this argument is that they have lied enough and would appreciate if we did not make them lie again.

As COVID was shutting down the Cook County Courts Judge Moreland originally erred and found in favor of the City’s summary judgment motion. Our lawyers filed a motion for her to reconsider her ruling. Yesterday Judge Moreland did reconsider her ruling and found in favor of our summary judgment motion and forced the City to once again search for the analysis we know doesn’t exist.

If you want more details about this battle and to access our motion to reconsider Judge Moreland’s ruling you can find all of that here.

Here is Judge Moreland’s ruling that was handed down yesterday.

2020.10.09 Memorandum Opinion and Order

Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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