Coordinated CPD Media Strategy

On May 15th several mainstream media outlets each published their own interview with CPD Superintendent David Brown in what can only be the result of a coordinated media strategy from the Department.

When you review what was published by the various outlets they each make readers / viewers believe the interview was obtained through their labors rather than unwittingly, or knowingly and not caring, falling prey to a coordinated media strategy from within the Department.

This is a premiere what we hope will be a weekly addition to our podcast analyzing media coverage of crime and justice issues in Chicago. Our co-host for this venture is Steve Rhodes from the Beachwood Reporter.

In today’s episode we discuss the coverage that resulted in the coordinated media campaign by the CPD. We have linked to or where possible embedded the coverage below for you to review before listening to our thoughts on the subject.

Make no mistake the media at its core seems to refuse to review the media coverage of Brown during his time in office. The wholesale refusal across multiple media outlets and a number of journalists makes you think about the possible causes.

Much of the coverage around Brown and his time in Dallas is just a single google search away but they just refuse to do it. We are not talking about a single journalist or a single outlet but basically all the journalists and all the outlets that have written about Brown since we was nominated to the short list of potential candidates.

CBS 2 Chicago – Megan Hickey

ABC 7 Chicago – Craig Wall

WGN TV – Ben Bradley (no video available)

Chicago Tribune – Jeremy Gorner

Chicago Sun-Times – Sam Charles

WBEZ Chicago – Jen White, Reset

Author: Tracy Siska

Tracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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