Tribune’s Bail Story – a Weak Use of Data

The Chicago Tribune’s bail story is a classic example of why academic research methods and so superior to the quantitative research methods used by journalists covering criminal justice issues.

This video is from our YouTube channel Quick Hits playlist were you will find brief videos on CJP’s insights on justice system policy and practices and the media coverage that goes along with it.

This video covers CJP’s 5 insights in to a very bad article published by the Chicago Tribune on April 29th titled “Two charities have bailed scores of felony defendants out of Cook County Jail. Some were soon charged with new crimes.” Many people think the Tribune’s bail story was hit job done on purpose to discredit the work of the agencies.

The video below is our insights in to the article and our review of the incredibly bad analysis done by the Chicago Tribune. They reporters obviously had an agenda behind the piece and that agenda was to say poor people should not get out of jail on bail.

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Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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