Questionable Plea Deal Requires Transparency

QuestionableIn Mid December the news broke that the City of Chicago had cut a questionable plea deal of sorts with Sgt. Khalil Muhammad. Muhammad was scheduled to go in front of the Chicago Police Board before his plea deal was cut.

You can read the charges against him on our Chicago Police Board Information Center website here.

There has been almost no information that has been made public to explain why COPA thought the shooting of an unarmed black man was justified and originally recommended a 90 day suspension before adjusting the suspension up to 180 days after consultation with Superintendent Johnson.

CJP has decided that the police accountability system in Chicago needs to explain who made the decision that this shooting was only worthy of a 180 day suspension.

As such we have decided to file 5 FOIA requests. These FOIA requests will force up the necessary records to inform the residents of Chicago to who made what decisions and why those decisions were made in a highly questionable shooting.

Here are the links to the individual pages for each FOIA request we filed. You can find the content of the requests and the updates we post about the records we receive from the agencies below:

We welcome your comments and feedback. Do you think that the police accountability system in Chicago and the Mayor’s office have provided the public with enough information about this case and the final decision they reached?

Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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