Rank Hypocrisy

FOP Watch: Rank Hypocrisy Nothing New

The rank hypocrisy routinely demonstrated by the FOP and their supporters never seems to stop surprising Chicagoans. The recent vote by their Board of Directors to fund the appeal of the three officers recently fired for covering up the murder of Laquan McDonald is just another prime example. In an image the FOP posted to Read more about FOP Watch: Rank Hypocrisy Nothing New[…]


Sun-Times Endorses CPD’s Propaganda Dashboard

The CPD’s Gun Offender dashboard is nothing more than overt propaganda that the Sun-Times Editorial Board, led by editorial page editor Tom McNamee, endorsed. That’s right folks, the Sun-Times didn’t verify the data within the dashboard and hold the CPD accountable for all the data they left out or completely miss-classified but instead they just Read more about Sun-Times Endorses CPD’s Propaganda Dashboard[…]

FOP Watch: Facts Don’t Stand in the Way of Knowing

Florian Sohnke’s recent devoid of facts critique published on Medium attempted to hold the author of a piece published at Reason.com to account. The article on Reason.com covers numbers released by the Lucy Parsons Labs regarding the execution of search warrants by the Chicago Police Department. The Sohnkecritique is ideologically driven and devoid of facts Read more about FOP Watch: Facts Don’t Stand in the Way of Knowing[…]