CPD Payroll Records FOIA


This FOIA for the payroll records was brought about as a result of a ruling by Judge Judge Caroline Kate Moreland in our ongoing litigation against the Chicago Police Department.

The ruling endorsed the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) claim that they were incapable of determining who held certain positions within the Department during a specified time range.

Yes, that was written correctly.

As part of a FOIA campaign targeting the CPD we sent in a request for emails sent to and received by many high ranking positions with the CPD regarding the September 2016 announcement that the CPD was going to hire 1,000 additional officers to the Department. We didn’t know, because we are not the Chicago Police Department, exactly which individuals held the positions leading up to and shortly there after the decision was announced. So we sent in our request asking for emails from the to and from those positions during the time frame we outlined.

For Judge Moreland to rule in favor of the City’s summary judgment motion she must have believed that the City couldn’t figure out who held those positions during the specified time.

Obviously this ruling is something we disagree with in the strongest terms.

So we filed another FOIA asking for a detailed payroll for the Department for the entire year of 2016.

We will get the names of the individuals we want!

We will refile our FOIA

We will end up back in court only this time they will be without a defense.

Here is the content of our FOIA:

“Payroll records or other records sufficient to show the name, ranks, job titles, and badge numbers held during the year of 2016 by every sworn officer employed by the Chicago Police Department. ”

This FOIA has been labeled by the CPD as: P502286-070119

Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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