FOP Watch: Chicago Tribune’s Boudreau coverage fuels tension of anti-police narrative

FOP officials directly call out Megan Crepeau and Eric Zorn, maintaining that Crepeau “whitewashes powerful evidence the Chicago Tribune falsely claimed, as part of their anti-police efforts, Chicago Police officers coerced confessions from accused killers.”

Chicago Tribunes anti-police conspiracy.

The blog post was written in response to Crepeau’s latest coverage of Judge Leroy Martin rejecting an amicus brief by Boudreau’s city-hired attorneys arguing for an innocence petition of Arnold Day.

Congruent to similar posts surrounding the Kenneth Boudreau trial, FOP officials attribute the tactics of the “Chicago media” to the growing presence of anti-police paranoia present in the city.

The FOP holds that through not presenting the implications of new evidence against the 1994 Arnold Day case, Tribune reporters such as Megan Crepeau push their anti-police conspiracy agenda.

“In her obvious crusade to preserve her paper’s modern mythology of police misconduct and the tenuous claims against former detective Boudreau, Crepeau conveniently ignores the ominous fact that both the city and the FOP are arguing that Day is guilty.”

In addition to Crepeau, the FOP calls into question the legitimacy of the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission (TIRC), which has broad authority to overturn convictions on claims of police misconduct, even when the courts reject these claims.

While the TIRC petition is what initially freed Day, the FOP attests that, “TIRC decisions and petitions for certificates of innocence are two of the remaining life rafts to which the Chicago media like the Tribune and Crepeau cling in order to preserve their claims of police misconduct amidst the growing sentiment by police, prosecutors, judges, and an informed public that these narratives are hogwash.”

According to the FOP, These “narratives” of police misconduct by Crepeau and Zorn make up the “mythology” that is “constructed”  by Tribune journalists.

Their post concludes with a quote from author Pat Buchanan: “the media are seen as militant partisans masquerading as journalists.”

The metaphor employed by Pat Buchanan established the sentiment underlying the FOP’s perceived relationship to the Chicago Tribune and other local news outlets. As the FOP claim Kimberly Foxx and Lori Lightfoot of playing a political game against the police, so too do FOP officials blame the Tribune of using politically charged motives to further frame police of alleged misconduct.

The court has yet to reach a verdict for retired police sergeant Kenneth Boudreau.

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