Chicago Police Department FOIA Index Crimes

Round TablesHere is the content of our latest FOIA requesting data on part 1 index crimes from the Chicago Police Department because they still have refused to publish annual reports for the years 2011-2016. If they respond the same way they have been responding to our FOIAs it is a very good chance this FOIA will be added to our ongoing lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department.

In accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act please provide the following records in digital format in machine readable format:

A. The total number of sworn personnel employed by the Chicago Police Department on January 1st for the years 2000-2018. This should includes all ranks from Superintendent through patrol officer. Please break down the yearly numbers by rank.
B.  For the years of 2000-2017 please provide the total number of UCR Part 1 Offenses.
C.  Total number of Criminal Sexual Assaults for the years 2011-2017
Please fulfill this request in the 5 days allotted by Illinois Law.
Please direct any questions you have about our request to this email by replying to this email. Also please fulfill this request via email by replaying to this email.
Tracy Siska

Author: Tracy Siska

Tracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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