OEMC Call For Police Service Data FOIA

The following FOIA request was filed on 9/13/17

Please provide the following records in accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act in digital machine ready format:

1. All police call for service data maintained by the Office of Emergency Management & Communications for the time frame of Jan 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017. Please make sure this data includes all data related to response to the call by the Chicago Police Department.
Please reduce the address data to the hundred block and remove fields that maintain caller names.
Please see attached document from Northrup Grumman, your software supplier, that was supplied to our organization pursuit to litigation we initiated, case # 2016-CH-11477 alleging violations of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act by your organization.
Please make sure that all data contained in the 152 fields listed by Northrup Grumman in their document are included under our FOIA.
Contact me with any questions by replying to this email. Please contact us when the data is ready to be picked up.
We expect your organization to fulfill this request in the 5 working data mandated by Illinois law.
Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.

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