More Faux CPD Transparency

Fran Spielman, where is the list?  You know real transparency is not the head of the CPD making clout related promotions available just to officers. It needs to be available to the public also. Otherwise we are reliant on journalists like you to get quotes from those opposed and against the promotions and pass that off as great journalism.

In a real world where not every single decision is not governed by the political concerns of a corrupted political leader this list would actually be public. Communities would know the officers in their community and which ones got promotions. This of course would probably significantly reduce the number of these promotions because many officers would not like being tied to these seemingly corrupted promotions.

The very existence of the merit promotions significantly reduces the credibility of supervisors in the eyes of rank and file officers. The Department is awash in rumors and conspiracy theories about what how any high ranking member of the department got to where they are and which lower ranking officers they are protecting and assisting with merit promotions. If you are looking to create an organization that holds its members to account for their actions you cannot maintain an environment where the vast majority of officers do not trust the management.

One big step towards creating an environment of accountability would be to either eliminate merit promotions all together or install the maximum amount of transparency to the practice. Anything less will simply work against any efforts to turn the CPD in to an agency focused on accountability.

Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.
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