Chaney's Cave

Violence Solution Written From Cheney’s Cave

The following notion should scare the hell out of every Chicagoan. Mayor Emanuel is going to put the same effort he put in to “fixing” Chicago’s financial problems in to fixing Chicago’s violence problems!  I would give you all three guesses which news outlet in Chicago had a columnist that wrote a column suggesting just Read more about Violence Solution Written From Cheney’s Cave[…]

Black Caucus

Do what I say not what I do Johnson

Chicago is obviously the number one city in many different categories but none so important as pure political hypocrisy. Amidst the release of the report from the federal civil rights pattern and practice investigation into the Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson can still muster the courage to stand in front of the media and Read more about Do what I say not what I do Johnson[…]

National Guard

National Guard Manning Road Blocks

Never let it be said that Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass cannot find the best ways to exploit the tragedy of a murdered child for a chance to unleash an ideologically driven hate-filled tirade about “bringing in the National Guard”. You have to pay close attention to his rhetoric because there is always a surprise Read more about National Guard Manning Road Blocks[…]

Domestic Violence Database CPD FOIA

The following FOIA was filed with the Chicago Police Department on February 17, 2017: Please provide the following records in digital format under Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act: A. Please provide the database records related to domestic violence that were provide to ABC Chicago News and are reported on in this news report: Read more about Domestic Violence Database CPD FOIA[…]


More Faux CPD Transparency

Fran Spielman, where is the list?  You know real transparency is not the head of the CPD making clout related promotions available just to officers. It needs to be available to the public also. Otherwise we are reliant on journalists like you to get quotes from those opposed and against the promotions and pass that Read more about More Faux CPD Transparency[…]

Mayor rudderless on police reform

Mr. Mayor, where is your plan? The 13-month Department of Justice investigation is complete and the report is in. They lay out 99 recommendations for improving policing in Chicago. The DOJ report follows the report of your own Police Accountability Task Force with its own set of 126 recommendations. Some of those you’ve tried to Read more about Mayor rudderless on police reform[…]