Police Staffing Studies

Access the 2010 Chicago Police Department’s manpower study and a collection of links for police staffing studies available online from across America.

Here we provide a list of links to police manpower and staffing studies from around the United States. The jurisdictions range from small towns to large cities.

If you want to read a recent opinion editorial authored by CJP Executive Director Tracy Siska on this issue follow this link.

At the bottom of the page you can find a copy of the 2010 manpower study completed by Alexander Weiss for the Chicago Police Department Patrol Division. According to our sources within the Chicago Police Department this study completed by Weiss was used as a “guide for CPD to use in developing a tool that could be updated regularly and used for a baseline when determining appropriate staffing levels”. The Research and Development Division of the Chicago Police Department did in fact complete a much larger internal staffing and resource allocation study that included beat realignment that was ready for implementation just as former Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis left the department.

We are advocating for the Chicago Police Department to release the manpower studies they have done internally so that the residents of Chicago can make sure that sciences and not politics is used to determine police staffing levels and resource allocation.


Police Manpower & Resource Allocation Studies

Author: Tracy SiskaTracy Siska is the Founder and Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project.
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