Passing stenography off as analysis based journalism

Reprinting numbers provided to you by the CPD’s media department is not “conducting an analysis,” it is being a stenographer. I am always amazed at the propensity of our local newspapers to splash headlines across the front page of their papers for stories everyone already knows about, were originally reported years ago and repeated many Read more about Passing stenography off as analysis based journalism[…]

police calls for service

Thoughts on Chicago Tonight Appearance

Eddie Aruza did something no other Chicago based journalist has done over the last two years – ask the FOP a follow up question! My appearance on Chicago Tonight last week with the Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP) President Mike Shields was illuminating to say the least.  I think you can say that Chicago Read more about Thoughts on Chicago Tonight Appearance[…]


Police Staffing in America’s 5 Largest Cities

Currently, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) are arguing that Chicago is significantly understaffed compared to other cities. The results of the study we conducted fly in the face of that argument.   This is a second in a series of blogs offered to illuminate the public discussion around the staffing levels of the Chicago Police Read more about Police Staffing in America’s 5 Largest Cities[…]